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Southern Florida Minority Supplier Development Council

Our Honey

Our honey is produced under 100% natural production parameters and is free of antibiotics and insecticides. It is cultivated in the Caribbean, a beautiful natural environment which provides a unique flavor to the rest of the world. We never subject our honey to processes like pasteurization, blends, or other industrial processes that affect flavor and taste. Our commitment to pure honey results in a 100% all-natural product that retains its unique properties. 

Properties of Honey

Honey is a natural product derived from bees and is a food substance which humans have enjoyed for centuries. It has been shown to be especially effective for athletes and people who feel fatigued, largely because of its intrinsic therapeutic properties. It is a high energy food rich in sugars, natural acids, proteins, amino acids, enzymes and other substances.

The nutritional, regenerative, and medical properties of honey make it a powerful "nectar of the gods" that combats many symptoms including convalescence, anemia, fatigue, and weakness. Honey is absorbed into the body and bloodstream within 15 minutes, offering help for respiratory problems (colds, coughs, bronchitis, sore throat), gastrointestinal issues (constipation, inflammation), heart problems (heart failure, angina), nervous issues (insomnia, cramps), and antiseptic ailments. In fact, recent studies show that pure honey contains an effective antimicrobial agent that treats minor burns, surface wounds, ulcers and sores.